Out and About with K9 Kurt

During the months of October and November, Christian County citizens might have noticed one of our hard-working K9 units out and about. The K9s spend a great deal of time training, but they also find the time to be involved in our community.

The CCSO K-9 unit conducted weekly K-9 training during Halloween week where Michael Myers made a guest appearance in the bite suit. K-9’s are trained to apprehend on command to replicate any possible scenario they might face working the streets. Michael Myers was no match for Kurt on this day.

K-9 Kurt and Deputy Bradshaw attended the 10-year anniversary of Seven Hills Vet Clinic during the summer. K-9 Kurt had a meet and greet with citizens and children in attendance and wanted to show Dr. Bader our appreciation for taking care of the K-9 unit needs.