Ride-Along Program

The Christian County Sheriff’s Office offers a Ride-Along program as an educational, public-relations program for the community. The Christian County Sheriff’s Office Ride-Along program increases the community’s awareness and knowledge of the challenging and rewarding experiences a Deputy encounters while on patrol.

Individuals interested in a law enforcement career, future employment, or residents of Christian County are encouraged to participate in this program. All applicants who can pass the required background check, are welcomed to apply for participation in this program. You must be over the age of eighteen and sign a waiver prior to participating in this program. Please print the Ride-Along Waiver, then sign in front of a Deputy. 

To request participation in the Ride-Along program use one of the following options.

  • Online: Complete the Ride-Along Request  at least ten working days prior to a requested shift.
  • In Person: At the Christian County Sheriff’s Office. at least ten working days prior to a requested shift.

Program Rules and Guidelines

  1. Submitting a request does not guarantee Ride-Along approval.
  2. Persons who have never participated in the Ride-Along Program shall be given preference over those who have.
  3. The date and shift requested by the requestor shall be accommodated when possible within preference guidelines.
  4. Participants must have a valid photo identification or operators license with them when reporting for their scheduled Ride-Along.
  5. Participants must wear neat, clean, appropriate clothing.
  6. Participants are considered observers only and shall be under the direct supervision of the assigned Deputy during the Ride-Along.
  7. Participants shall conduct themselves in a civil and courteous manner at all times.
  8. Participants must wear their seat belts at all times while in the patrol vehicle.
  9. Participants must remain in the patrol vehicle unless instructed or given permission by a Deputy.
  10. In the case of a potentially dangerous or hazardous call, participants may be dropped off at a safe location.
  11. Participants must not become involved in any incident a Deputy is involved with.
  12. No audio or video recordings are allowed without prior approval from the Sheriff or his designee. (note-taking is allowed)
  13. For security and safety reasons, participants are not allowed to handle or use any of the Deputy’s equipment or the equipment in the patrol vehicle.
  14. All participants in the Ride-Along Program must read, agree, and sign the Ride-Along waiver prior to the Ride-Along.
  15. Failure to comply with any of the above-listed rules and guidelines will result in the immediate termination of the Ride-Along.
  16. The Sheriff or his designee may deny any request or terminate any approved Ride-Along program participant without cause.