Campus Access Cards

The approval and issuance of a Christian County Campus Access Card (CAC) is a privilege extended as a cooperative effort of the Christian County Sheriff’s Office, Christian County Commissioners, Christian County Prosecutor’s Office, and the Missouri 38th Circuit Judicial Court. 

The Campus Access Card Program is extended primarily to officers of the court (Attorneys) who are in good standing. The Sheriff may consider approving CAC program participation to individuals who meet the requirements listed in the subsections below and can demonstrate a frequency of visits and a need for expedited access.

The purpose of the program is:

  • To screen candidates for the CAC program to bypass the metal detectors and X-Ray machines to enter secure areas of Christian County Campus facilities. 
  • To create a uniform, secure medium for the identification and monitoring of individuals who are in good standing with the offices of the Christian County Government. 
  • To ensure compliance of the CAC Program’s Policies and Procedures by CAC participants.

If approved by the Sheriff a CAC participant may utilize the county employee turnstiles at an Entry Control Point (ECP), permitting the CAC participant to enter a secured area without having their person or articles automatically subjected to a search. (per CCSO Policy 1100 )

CAC applicants are required to complete the following steps during the process:

  • Submit to a Law Enforcement Background check
  • Accurately complete CAC Program application
  • (Click here for application)
  • Pay the nonrefundable $50 CAC Program Application Annual Fee

Steps to Apply:

  1. Complete application and sign where required
  2. Email the application to
  3. (or) Mail in the application to: Christian County Sheriff’s Office, c/o Campus Security, 110 West Elm Street, Room 70, Ozark, MO 65721
  4. You will receive an approval or denial notification email,
  5. If approved, an appointment will be scheduled for you to bring your valid photo ID, bar card, and method of payment. (allow two weeks)
  6. Check, money order, credit and debit cards are accepted. ($3 additional fee for credit/debit cards)
  7. Have your CAC photo taken and receive your card.