Citizens on Patrol

Citizens on Patrol (COP) is a partnership between the Christian County Sheriff’s Office and a group of volunteers.  The program is dedicated to enhancing community safety and the quality of life of our citizens through vigilant observation, active civic engagement, and fostering strong community relations.  Our Citizens on Patrol volunteers are committed to serving with professionalism and respect, strengthening the bond between law enforcement and the citizens of Christian County.  With the goal being to proactively support safety initiatives and promote a sense of shared responsibility in maintaining a secure and thriving community.

Although “Citizens on Patrol” is a generic name used by many to describe a special group of volunteers that help law enforcement.  Our COP members are citizens that are trained by the Christian County Sheriff’s Office, to patrol our community, acting as the Sheriff Office’s eyes and ears.  Citizens on Patrol is not a new program, it has been around for over 20 years with an estimated number of 75,000 volunteers nationwide (National Association of Citizens on Patrol, 2007).  The National Association for Citizens on Patrol was founded in 1999.

Our Citizens on Patrol volunteers patrol our community looking for suspicious activity, aid stranded motorists and most importantly, increase the level of comfort for those who see the extra units on the street.  They conduct routine checks of businesses and vacation checks for homeowners who are away.  As an example, in 2023, two members of our Citizens on Patrol discovered an erratic driver on Hwy 65.   The members called in the erratic driver, and a deputy was able to initiate a traffic stop and arrest the driver for DWI who was double the legal limit.   We currently have six COP volunteers which volunteered 337 hours in 2023.

Lieutenant Tim Clothier oversees the daily operations of C.O.P. To contact Lieutenant Clothier, please call 417-582-5335 or email here.