Inmate Property

  1. Prisoners sentenced to the Department of Corrections (DOC) will need to notify friends/family to pick up their personal property.  No notification will be made to the Prisoner prior to transport.
  2. Property will be held for friends/family to pick-up at a later time.  If it is not released prior to being transported, it will remain here for 30 days, then be disposed of.
  3. Once you are sentenced, it is Your Responsibility to Release Your Property.  You will receive no notification of when you will be transported.  You will receive no notification from Jail Staff that you need to release your property.
  • NOTE: Property will not be held at the Jail to release family/significant others after you are gone longer than 30 days.  All property will be transported with you. Any property that is still here after 30 days will be disposed of.

The Christian County Jail will not allow any items to be dropped off or brought into the Jail Facility from any family/friends without the approval from the Jail Division Commander.