Campus Security

The mission of the Campus Security Division is to provide for the safety and security of the Christian County Government Campus, which consists of five separate buildings.  The Historic Court house, located in the center of the square in Ozark, Missouri and houses the Christian County Collector, Assessor, Public Administrator, and the Recorder of Deeds. The Christian County Justice Center, which Houses the 38th Judicial Circuit Clerk’s Office, Division III and IV Courts, The Sheriff’s Office, and the Christian County Jail. The Circuit Building, which houses the Christian County Prosecutor’s Office, the Juvenile Office, and Division I and II Courts. In addition, Campus Security also provides security to the Human Resources and Planning and Zoning buildings.

The Campus Security Division works under the Operations Commander of the Christian County Sheriff’s Office, and consists of a Sergeant, a Corporal, four Bailiffs and eight other Security Personnel.  They maintain in-person attorney visits, inmate transport to courts, and take into custody court ordered sentences.  Campus Security encounters over 50,000 people yearly and diverts over 1,600 weapons annually from entering the county buildings.

Campus Security strives to keep a safe and courteous environment and minimize the opportunity for physical violence and injury to employees, the public, and anyone conducting business within the Christian County Court Houses.

Sergeant Dan Graham oversees the daily operations of Campus Security. To contact Sergeant Graham, please call (417) 582-5690, or email here.