Criminal Investigations Division

The Christian County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division (C.I.D.) is comprised of 10 investigators, including one Lieutenant, one Sergeant, and eight detectives. Detectives receive additional training and may specialize in certain types of investigations. Two detectives are assigned to child crimes or special victim cases and two detectives are assigned to proactive street crimes cases, such as narcotic and firearm investigations. Detectives may be assigned full-time or part-time as task force officers with the DEA, ATF, or the US Marshals Service. A detective’s primary purpose is to investigate and solve crimes in order to present criminal cases to the prosecutor. 

Detectives conduct follow-up investigations on more complex criminal cases initiated by the patrol division, respond to crime scenes to process and collect evidence, apply for and execute search warrants, interview victims, witnesses, and suspects, identify and track down suspects, and present charges on suspects for criminal prosecution. C.I.D. detectives recognize their responsibilities to the community they serve and are committed to investigating all criminal allegations in an ethical and impartial manner with sensitivity toward the needs of victims and witnesses.  C.I.D. is dedicated to providing superior investigative services to Christian County to preserve the quality of life that our citizens enjoy.

The Criminal Investigation Division is also part of the “Sheriff’s Critical Incident Team” made up of members from Greene County, Webster County, Christian County, and Lawrence County.  To ensure public trust and accountability, detectives from each agency assemble and respond to critical incidents involving deputies or personnel from any member agency. 

Lieutenant Justin Gargus oversees the daily operations of C.I.D.. To contact Lieutenant Gargus call (417) 582-5352 or email here.