Training Unit

The Christian County Sheriff’s Office Training Unit Lieutenant is under the direction of the Operations Division Commander.  The Training Unit Lieutenant exercises supervision and has staff responsibility for deputy training and education.


The Training Unit coordinates, develops and conducts training programs for the Sheriff’s Office.  This includes new deputy in-house training and in-service training.  The Training Unit conducts and/or coordinates training in the areas of firearms, physical fitness, self-defense, deputy survival, interpersonal skills, legal issues, defensive driving, pursuit driving and current law enforcement topics.

Training and Education Responsibility:

  • Developing and maintaining a comprehensive program of professional and technical training for members of the Sheriff’s Office by conducting classes and/or coordinating classes and promoting training opportunities outside the Sheriff’s Office.
  • Providing in-service training for veteran deputies.
  • Consistently monitoring training and update to better prepare deputies.
  • Ensuring compliance with the rules and regulations of state, federal law enforcement training.
  • Overseeing a firearms training and qualifications program, weapons inspection, and issuance of appropriate equipment.
  • Ensuring compliance with established criteria and effectiveness of instruction for all department-sponsored training programs.
  • Assessing existing training programs.
  • Reviewing criteria for implementing new training programs.

In-Service Training / Continuing Law Enforcement Education (CLEE)

The Christian County Sheriff’s Office Training Unit administers in-service training for veteran officers.  Training is consistently monitored and updated to assist in preparing deputies for any problem they may encounter.  All sworn staff are mandated to receive the following training; however, the Christian County Sheriff’s Office goes far above and beyond the minimum training requirements.

2 hours in Legal Studies

2 hours in Technical Studies

2 hours on Interpersonal Perspectives

2 hours of Skill Development in Firearms

16 hours of Electives (Any of the above-listed core-curricula areas).

1 hour of Racial Profiling training

1 hour of De-escalation training

Note: Racial Profiling, Implicit Bias, and De-escalation training are part of the required 24 hours, not in addition to it. 

Deputies must qualify with any firearm they carry twice a year. Additional practice on the deputy’s own time is encouraged throughout the year. Deputies failing to pass firearms tests are brought back for remedial training.

Lieutenant Tim Clothier oversees the daily operations of the Training Unit. To contact Lieutenant Clothier, please call (417) 582-5335, or email here.