Fox + Hound K9 Foundation Donates TempoScan Chip and Scanner

The Christian County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank Fox + Hound K9 Foundation for their continued support of our K-9 Unit. K-9 Kurt and K-9 Chase are now equipped with the latest technology to keep them safe on duty. Thanks to the generous support of American Heritage Brands for sponsoring our K-9 Unit’s needs through the Fox + Hound K9 Foundation, K-9 Kurt and K-9 Chase have received a state of the art TempoScan Chip and Scanner. Along with typical microchip capabilities, this now allows the handlers to quickly and safely check the internal temperature of the dogs at any time which helps decrease the chances of heat related injuries common with working-dog breeds.

Thank you to Seven Hills Vet Clinic Dr. Bader for your expertise in inserting the microchip and always taking care of the K-9 Unit needs