Jail Visitation

Saturday                                                Sunday
E-Pod 0900-1100                                 F-Pod 0900-1100
A-Pod 1400-1600                                D-Pod 1400-1600
B-Pod 2000-2200                                 C-Pod 2000-2200
Visitation is a privilege and subject to change depending on staffing, or emergencies. Every attempt will be made to give advance notice of any changes; however staff might not be able to accommodate early notification.
A.       Personal visitation will be allowed Saturday and Sunday during the hours prescribed above.
B.       During meal times and shift changes visitation will not be permitted.
C.       No more than two visitors will be allowed in the visitation booth at one time.
D.       Visitors 17 years old or older must produce an approved (photo) identification card prior to being allowed to visit.  Approved identifications are Driver’s License, and Missouri State Identification Cards.
E.        Visitors 16 years old or younger must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times in order to visit.  The guardian will be counted as one of the visitors.
F.        It is the Prisoner’s responsibility to advise the visitor of the scheduled time of their visit and the visitation requirements.
G.       Any special visitation requests must be pre-approved by the Sheriff and/or the Jail Administrator, or their designee.
A.       A visit may be denied or terminated and visiting privileges suspended under the following circumstances:
1.       Visitor(s) that appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
2.       Insufficient space available.
3.       Refusal by a visitor to submit to search procedures.
4.       Refusal or failure to produce sufficient identification (ordinarily picture ID) or the falsifying of identifying information by a visitor.
5.       Failure to prevent children from disturbing other people.
6.       Inappropriate display of affection, suggestive activity, or inappropriate dress.
7.       A visitor with visible body markings or jewelry that by its nature would promote or cause adverse reactions because of racial, ethnic, or religious beliefs will not be permitted to remain in the Jail’s general public area, inside or outside of the Jail.
8.       Dress that excites the senses; transparent clothing, exposed breasts, exposed genitalia is not appropriate and not allowed for visitors.  Short shorts and tank tops (male and female), and bare feet are not considered appropriate dress for a Jail setting.
9.       Other conduct or conditions deemed by the Jail Staff as disruptive to the security or orderly operation of the visitation process.
10.    Failure of the visitor to show up at the scheduled time of the visit.
11.    If your visitor is on Probation, unless they have permission from their Parole Officer.
B.       Violations of any of the above standards may result in the denial of visiting for an extended period of time.
Vulgarity, racial, ethnic or confrontational remarks will not be tolerated.
Ministers will be allowed to visit during the Prisoner’s regularly scheduled visitation.
Prisoners will be allowed to visit with Bail Bonding Agents at the request of the Agent.  If an Prisoner has contacted a Bonding Agent, it is up to the Agent to request the interview through the Shift Supervisor.
A.       The Attorney visitations are normally between 0800 and 1630 hours on weekdays, with the exception of meal times.  Exceptions may be granted if advance arrangements are made by the Attorney through the Shift Supervisor.
B.       Prisoners may request Jail Staff to notify their Public Defender of their wish to see them.  This request must be made in writing on a Public Defender form, and will be forwarded to the Public Defender’s office.
C.       Contact with a private Attorney will be made by the Prisoner telephone system or by U.S. mail.