Concealed Carry Permits

The following statutes explain how the Concealed Carry Permit process works. All individuals applying must first take a class with instructors who are approved by the Missouri Sheriff’s Concealed Carry Permit System. Applicants may verify that instructors are approved by contacting the Christian County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Cole accepts appointments Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Call 417-582-5339 or email KAmador@christiancountysheriff.net to schedule an appointment or to receive additional information.

Once your application has been received and you have been fingerprinted, the Concealed Carry Clerk will send your fingerprint cards to the Missouri State Highway Patrol for a background check. A file will be created that contains your identifying information, instructor certification, application, a copy of your photo ID, and any other information regarding the permit process. After the results come back from the Highway Patrol, Sheriff Cole will review the file and approve or deny the application. A Concealed Carry Clerk will notify you if the application has been approved and when you may pick up your permit. The fee is $100 cash for a new permit and $50 for a renewal. The Sheriff’s Department will not notify you when it is time to renew. Each applicant is responsible for making a renewal appointment before your permit expires. The late fees are described in the statutes below:

Related Missouri State State Statutes:

571.101. 1. Concealed carry permits, application requirements–approval procedures–issuance, when–information on permit–fees.

571.102.1  (Repealed L. 2013 S.B. 75 § A)

571.104. 1. Suspension or revocation of endorsements and permits, when–renewal procedures–change of name or residence notification requirements.

571.117. 1. Revocation procedure for ineligible permit holders–sheriff’s immunity from liability, when.