Civil Process

The Christian County Sheriff office processed approximately 4,000 civil documents in 2015.

The types of Civil Process the Sheriff serves are citations, child support orders, garnishments, general executions, motions, subpoena’s, order of protections, replevin actions, a show of cause orders, summons, petitions, writs, unlawful detainers, mechanics liens and any other document the court may request.

The fees for service is determined by Missouri Revised Statutes and the mileage fee rates in accordance with the IRS Standard Mileage Rates. Documents submitted to the Sheriff’s office for service must include payment upon receipt (check or money order) made payable to “Christian County Sheriff”

Below is a chart reflecting the change in mileage fees and service fees for our office.

Civil Process Clerk

Patricia Ramage

Phone: 417-582-5341

Email: pramage@christiancountysheriff.net


Citation- $30.00

Child Support Notice- $30.00

Subpoena- $20.00

Summons- $30.00

Show Cause- $30.00

Execution Move-Out (Evictions)- $30.00

General Execution (Funds, Garnishments)- $50.00

General Execution Property *- $30.00 + $350.00 Cost Deposit

Motion (Family access order, other)- $30.00

Motion for Emancipation- $30.00

Notice (Probate, Intent to Suspend DL)- $30.00

Order (adult/child exparte or full order)- $30.00 (respondent may now be taxed)

Order (Replevin, income withholding)- $30.00

Order of Commitment- $85.00

Probate Guardianship Notice- $30.00

Replevin- $30.00

Show Cause- $30.00

Subpoena- $20.00

Landlord tenant, Juvenile, Probate small claims- $30.00

Warrant (probate)- $30.00

Writ of Attachment- $85.00

Writ (Other, Sequestration, Transport)- $30.00

Mileage Fees Per Document 

As of January 08, 2019 we revised the mileage fees to be in accordance with the 2018 Internal Revenue Service approved amount of fifty-three.five (58) cents per mile.  Below is the new fee schedule to be used starting February 1, 2018. If you have any questions contact our office at 417-582-5341 or by emailing Patricia Ramage. The fees will be updated yearly on our county website.

Billings                                  44 miles                               $25.52

Bruner                                   28 miles                               $16.24

Brookline                              42 miles                               $24.36

Chadwick                             28 miles                               $16.24

Chestnutridge                     46 miles                               $26.68

Clever                                   32 miles                               $18.56

Elkhead                                34 miles                               $19.72

Fremont Hills                      12 miles                               $6.96

Fordland                              52 miles                               $30.16

Forsyth                                 60 miles                               $34.80

Garrison                               46 miles                               $26.68

Highlandville                      20 miles                               $11.60

Nixa                                       10 miles                               $5.80

Oldfield                                22 miles                               $12.76

Ozark                                    Flat Fee                                $5.00

SaddleBrooke                    36 miles                                $20.88

Sparta                                   14 miles                               $8.12

Spokane                               30 miles                               $17.40

Republic                               48 miles                               $27.84

Rogersville                          36 miles                               $20.88

Bradleyville                         64 miles                               $37.12

  • Garnishments are a flat fee with no mileage fee added
  • Paperwork with multiple people to be served will be a mileage charge plus $30.00 per person
  • Eviction Process: Once the eviction order is received the deputy will post the paperwork on the door. The respondent then has five days after the day the paperwork was posted to vacate the property, if the respondent is still there after the five days the plaintiff needs to contact the Sheriff Office and we will set up a lockout date. The plaintiff is responsible for removal of all remaining property.