Records Request



There are three ways the public can request a record from the Sheriff’s office.

In-Person: You may come into the office and fill out a request form. You will be asked to fill out as much information as possible. There is a five (5) dollar cash-only fee payable upon receipt of the report. Please Note: Deputies have five days from the date of service to complete their report.

By Mail: You may also mail a written request for the report and send with it, a five (5) dollar money order made out to “Christian County Sheriff.”

Send To:

Christian County Sheriff’s Office

Attn: Records 110 West Elm Room 70

Ozark, MO. 65721.

The report can be faxed or emailed. Please specify how you wish to receive the report.

Online: You may complete this form to request an emailed or faxed report.

You can call the records custodian at 417-582-5340 to see if the report you are requesting is available for release.

Reports are not made available if they are open to investigation or they contain juveniles.

For more facts about the Sunshine Law, please click here.

Government Agency Request:

If you are another agency requesting a record, please fill out this form or fax the request to 417-581-1641.

The report will be emailed or faxed back as the record becomes available.

Please include as much information as possible in your request to make finding the record possible. If you do not have the case number, please give names, addresses, and dates of birth if possible.

If you have any questions, please contact the Records Department at The Christian County Sheriff’s Office at 417-582-5340 or fill out the form above.