Jail Visitation Rules

Required Dress Code, On sight and from remote locations.

Clothing should not be tight, transparent or revealing. It should not display gang, racial, inappropriate or inflammatory language or symbols. Skirts, dresses, and shorts may be no shorter than two inches above the top of the kneecap. Wrap-around or slit skirts or dresses are not permitted. Holes or slits are not permitted in pants. Shirts, blouses, and tops must cover the chest and stomach and have sleeves that cover the shoulders, without display of cleavage or midriff. Appropriate undergarments and shoes must be worn at all times. No headwear is allowed except for verified religious.

Restrictions on Visiting Privileges

Visiting an inmate is a privilege that can be limited or suspended.  Failure to follow visiting rules, such as unacceptable language, improper dress, presenting risk to the safety and security of the facility, staff, offenders or visitors, participation in illegal activities and/or violations of Missouri law, may result in having visiting privileges suspended, being barred from the facility, or being placed on non-contact visiting status. If visiting sanctions are imposed on a visitor, you may appeal visiting restrictions in writing to the Captain of Corrections at 110 West Elm, rm70 Ozark Mo 65721.


Allowed Items at Visit

Gum, wallets, purses, cell phones, food, drinks, and other items may not be brought to visits. Missouri State Statute 217.360 states that it is a criminal offense for any individual entering a correctional facility to bring in drugs, alcoholic beverages, any article an offender is not permitted to possess or firearm that may be used to endanger the safety and security of the facility, staff or other offenders. Doing so may be a felony and can carry a punishment of up to 15 years in prison. It is important to remember that when visiting you are required to abide by the facility rules and regulations. When you enter prison grounds, you, your packages, your children and your vehicle are subject to search. It is requested you bring only necessary items and secure the rest in your vehicle.

When you bring a small infant or child, it is important that you maintain direct control of your children at all times to ensure their safety and to prevent interruption of other visits. If children are unruly or disruptive, the visit may be terminated.